About us

Created in 1999, LOGIBACK
is the leading independent vehicle transportorganizer in France.
As our partners’ needs mean everything to us,
we always look to bring you logistics solutions and innovative services,
thanks to the quality of our services
and our strong ethical and environmental commitments.

Transporting 40 000 vehicles
a year is a challenge
that requires reliable operating
procedures and systems.
LOGIBACK also helps you store your vehicles in the Parisian region, and keeps you informed of movements and storage status daily. Our team is our strength. They have perfect control and are in constant contact with the pick up points, which eliminates all risks of no shows or delayed delivery. Our speed of transport and communication of information are also the reason the leading automobile operators (LLD, Concessions, Salles de Ventes Volontaires, Marchands) keep trusting us.
LOGIBACK carries all vehicles from 15,000 pick up points (dealers and firms) to storage facilities and automobile professionals throughout the country, thanks to our timeliness and responsiveness. We also handle non-wheeled vehicles, judicial vehicles, and vehicles which are blocked at their pick-up point.
LOGIBACK is THE logistics solution for the automobile.