Our commitments

LOGIBACK, a company which believes in:
• Its collaborators, the main actors of our development and success
• A deliberately human-size organization, which facilitates communication between the pick up points, the clients and our service providers.
• Its service providers, may they be national, regional or independent, all committed to offer the best performance at the best price.
• The corporate responsibility of French logistics operators, committed to improve the environment
• A company made by and for men and women

LOGIBACK and French transport operators:
The French automobile Pavilion is struggling to survive amid European competition.
LOGIBACK has chosen to give its contribution.
To this end, our company has created the “French Transport Label”, based on three founding principles:
>    The partner carrier is a regional SME, whose trucks are registered in France (tractor and trailer)
>    It remunerates its employees at the wage currently practiced in France and pays its social charges
>    If necessary, it only outsources to national transport companies meeting the same requirements
LOGIBACK and the environment:
In accordance with French regulations, we indicate our carbon footprint on all invoices    
• Everyday, we try to establish new environmental measures
• In partnership with our service providers, we released trucks meeting the Euro5 and Euro6 standards.
LOGIBACK and our social commitment: Because we care about our teams, LOGIBACK provides its employees with:
• Training, monitoring of careers, professional evolution opportunities
• Incentives to results and quality, so that our teams are at the heart of the company.
LOGIBACK and our Humanitarian Action: :
>    LOGIBACK is proud to have initiated the project " 1€ for children". Involved in the helping the most disadvantaged children of Delhi in India, LOGIBACK is committed financially as well as on the field.
>    Furthermore, LOGIBACK partners with the NGO TARAwww.taraindia.org/fr a human-sized association, involved in humanitarian action for many years
>    LOGIBACK, its contractors and its transport partners combine their efforts in this regard. Thus, 3€ are fully donated for the construction and operation of the "TARA Houses" which welcome children.